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Our Approach to

Utility & Consulting Services

Our mission is to help increase organizational performance through learning. We connect companies with industry professionals that have deep industry expertise and hands-on experience in their subject areas. Our goal is a learner centered program that represents learning with a purpose.

utility truck at live line training event

Utility Technical Training

We have a history of helping employers with key learning and development needs for Transmission & Distribution Operations. We specialize in helping build the framework required for a Live-Line Program, including safety, engineering, management, tools, equipment, administration, and training. 

Leadership & Organizational Improvement

Our leadership development programs are focused on field leadership and the skills required to manage high risk work in dynamic environments. Our programs are customized to the customer and industry and have onsite and virtual options.

leadership training with utility leaders putting a puzzle together
ACE Grounding Training

Safety Training & Consulting

We specialize in helping organizations refine their approach to safety with a focus on learning. Our programs include learning from events, strategic safety communications, safety leadership, and quality of safety engagements. Like our leadership programs these programs are customizable and have onsite and virtual options.

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